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Grooming Accessories

No beard care routine is complete without a beard brush, a beard comb, and a beard trimmer like the PT45 (Precision Trimmer, 45 lengths). 

You can also always ask your SO to get you our new body and groin trimmer so you can manscape a bit and chop off those flyaways. It’s a beneficial purchase for all parties involved.

If you prefer a more traditional method of trimming, then grab a pair of beard-trimming scissors. Grab two! Now, would that be a pairs of scissors or a pair? We don’t know grammar; we just know beards.

If you want clean edges on your beard or you want to shave it all off, then look no further than our straight-edge razor. This is the real deal. It’s what professional barbers use. 

No matter if you’re looking for help with a groom or a grow, we’ve got your back (and your beard). 


Absolutely. We think beard gifts make the best gifts, and gift cards allow the beard-lover in your life to pick out the product that works for their personal style and daily routine. With gift cards, you can help friends, family, and significant others kick their healthy beard growth game up a notch and gain newfound confidence. They can explore individual products or invest in a complete Beard Growth Kit!

TRecently moved or switched credit cards? Updating your billing information is simple. Just log into your account, click on Overview, and then click on Edit to modify your information. Save it and you’re good to go.

We’re passionate about making beard care convenient for everyone everywhere. While we’re currently still working on shipping our beard care products to everyone who wants to shop for them, we’re only able to ship orders to the United States and Canada at the present moment. Stay tuned for international updates—we’re really looking forward to supporting your hair growth journey so you can achieve a fantastic beard that also protects and nourishes the skin on your face.

Freedom and beards go great together, don’t they? At The Beard Club, we don’t have contracts or long-term commitments—you can skip renewals anytime—and we don’t charge any fees for cancellation. We’d be sorry to see you go, but we’d welcome you back to the club at any time.