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Beard Growth Accelerators

While all of our products promote beard health and growth, we also provide our community with additional accelerators. Sometimes a regular beard care routine is not enough, so we went the extra mile for you and poured years of research into these products.

Take some beard growth vitamins to get the nutrients your beard needs into your body. A beard can’t grow if it has nothing to grow with. If you aren’t into oral vitamins, then check out our Beard Growth Vitamin Spray, which you can apply directly to your beard. 

If you’re struggling to grow a full beard, then it’s time to invest in a derma roller. These nifty tools use microneedles to stimulate the collagen beneath your skin and promote hair growth. Don’t forget the derma roller cleansing spray to keep the tool running smoothly.


While each of our accelerators is effective on its own, they’re ultra-powerful when used together. To get your growth off to the strongest start possible, try one of our Growth Kits. We’ve compiled the best facial hair accelerators to take the guesswork out of your grooming. Choose from our selection of the best products and be eligible for the Growth Guarantee.

To activate dormant hair follicles and repair your facial skin, we recommend using your clean Beard Derma Roller twice a week after washing your face. To optimize facial hair growth and rejuvenation, replace the head of your derma roller every month. With automatic renewals and direct delivery, we make maintenance easy.

Absolutely. You can cancel or skip renewals at any time through your Beard Club account. Frustrated with your growth? Remember—good things, like great beards, sometimes take a little time. That said, we’re confident that you’re going to enjoy using our accelerators and enhancers right away.

How you choose to level up your healthy beard game is 100% up to you. Supplement your routine with individual products or keep things simple and straightforward with our comprehensive, curated beard care arsenal. Our Growth Kits are designed to give you everything you need to grow a fuller, thicker beard faster—at a great value. Learn about our growth guarantee.