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Mustache Comb

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Mustache Comb



You've already helped out your beard — why leave your 'stache high and dry? 

A Comb Designed for Mustaches

Whether you’re on the go or setting up your barbershop essentials in your bathroom cabinet, you need a sleek option that fits in your life. This high-quality fine-tooth hair comb is perfect for traveling and your at-home beard care lineup. 

Mustache combs are built different: The typical wide-tooth comb is useless for grooming that stylish stache. Likewise, metal combs aren’t gentle and can cause hair breakage or even frizzy hair depending on your hair type

Our wooden hair comb gets it right out the gate, working wonders by untangling unruly knots. Just comb through the stache from bottom to top, and you’ll be all set in no time. It works with both wet hair and dry hair for smooth styles you can count on. 

From detangling your stache to shaping and styling it, you always need a mustache comb on hand. The tighter teeth of our sandalwood Mustache Comb are perfect for facial hair care, gently working through any tangles while smoothing and styling your mustache.

A Comb That Helps Your Beard Care Products Work

Using Beard Oil (especially with a musk-like sandalwood scent) and Beard Balm is essential. Oil and balm are vital for hair growth, skin care, and nourishing facial hair. Our Sandalwood Comb evenly spreads these nourishing supplements across your mustache, moisturizing as it goes. 

A Snag-Free Comb

Another benefit is that this wood comb does not snag on curly hair. It’s the optimal tool for grooming, whether it’s being used on short or long hair. Styling your longer mustache has never been easier! The comb even comes in clutch when trimming by giving your trimmer an even surface to work off of.

You need to check out this volumizing mustache comb to take your stache to the next level. This comb is as good as what any barber might wield. 

This mustache comb is also a perfect facial hair tool to prepare for trimming an even mustache or to use after a beard wash. Made from 100% sandalwood, its anti-static properties are a major upgrade from plastic mustache hair combs. 

You Don’t Want To Miss This

This wooden comb is a must-add to your beard comb collection for complete facial hair styling and mustache care. You can add this to your cart individually before clicking the checkout button or find it in our Premium Beard Care Kit!

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Does your beard need help?


Does your beard need help?
Does your beard need help?


Does your beard need help?