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Why do you need a loofah?

Here's why! The process of exfoliation helps remove the dead skin cells from the top layer of your skin, creating a softer and healthier surface.

That rough top layer can leave your skin feeling rough, dry, dull and prone to breakouts, so getting rid of it can improve the look and feel of your skin in a few easy steps!

The bath shower loofah sponge from the Luffa vegetable plant. The natural loofah shower scrubber is exfoliating, but sometimes too exfoliating, rubbing people with sensitive skin raw. Instead of this natural bath brush, try synthetic shower poufs instead for a powerful clean that’s totally gentle.

Why a Loofah?

The loofah or “pouf” might sound goofy to say, but there’s nothing funny about it. Our soft exfoliating loofah takes everything great about a bath sponge and combines it with the power of a body brush to bring you all-around cleansing and skin-smoothing power.

This men’s loofah is one of those bath accessories you never knew you needed. It helps you get a deep clean in every area of the body by creating a powerful lather with any type of body wash. Plus, it’s powerful for tough skin while still being gentle enough for sensitive skin.

It’s also reusable and eco-friendly, letting you use it continuously without needing to constantly throw it in the washer like the typical washcloth. 

The Entire Skin Care Lineup

But of course, your loofah is only as powerful as the soap you use alongside it. Our Body Wash is the perfect accompaniment to make you look and smell clean, thanks to powerful Coconut, Olive, and Jojoba oils. Once you get your body squeaky clean, don’t forget to give your face some love with quality Beard Shampoo and a deep cleaning men's Face Wash.

Join the club and get yourself a sleek loofah for all of your body cleansing needs.

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Does your beard need help?


Does your beard need help?
Does your beard need help?


Does your beard need help?