Children Matter


Children and youth of all ages are welcome at St. Stephen’s and play an important role in our worship.  They serve as acolytes, readers, and choir members as well as being puppeters.

Sunday School

Following a brief “chat” with the rector, all young people age 5 and up are invited to join us at Sunday school.  We strive to develop a foundation of Christian faith through our program.  We have an elementary school age group as well as an older youth group.  All of us rejoin the congregation during the “Peace” and share communion together.

For Youth

Our youth are incorporated into our congregational life, including learning about church governance.  A youth delegate joins us at district meetings and diocesan convention, and our vestry is connected to the younger generations with a youth member.  Several youth participate in Creation Week Camp each year, and for the last several years have joined youth from St. Michael’s Episcopal Church in Geneseo on mission trips to West Virgina, Michigan and Vermont.  On school break, the youth frequently gather for a fun social outing, and in the summer they may be found washing cars in the church lot.

Our Youngest Children

For infants and young toddlers, there is a gated space in which to play at the back of the church.  Soft toys and stuffed animals are there to be used.  A rocker sits near the "play yard" and is available for use at any time during the service.  For older toddlers, a parent supervised nursery room is available where you can listen to the service while children are playing.  Generally, all children return to the church for the second part of our service and share in communion.

Children’s Interfaith Weekend

Sponsored by The Children’s Agenda in Rochester,  the third weekend in October focuses attention on the needs of children in the entire community.  We have the opportunity to both celebrate the gift of children and to advocate for their well being.  The worship that day gives our young people a special opportunity to be seen and heard.