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Beard Brush

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Beard Brush



You have your hairbrush, your toothbrush. Your combs strike fear into the heart of tangles. (Talking about the Folding Beard Comb and Mustache Comb.)

Truly, your beard care is almost top-notch. Only one thing is missing from the best beard grooming kit ever — a beard brush for men. 

Why Should You Brush Your Beard?

Brushing facial hair is one of many ways to give a premium beard the care it needs to keep growing and looking its best 24/7. Not only does our Boar Bristle Beard Brush smooth and style your beard, but it also helps distribute any Beard Oils & balms effectively.

This thing isn’t just for taming long beards — it’s a great accompaniment for any beard care kit for shorter beards and mid-length beards. It can stimulate hair follicles to make your beard appear longer and fuller. Products like the proper Beard Growth Oil, beard wash, and beard vitamins can help accelerate your facial hair growth.

If your beard & mustache are already at the length you like, then a beard brush will direct beard hairs in the direction you want while also taming flyaways. It’s a beard styling must-have that pairs well with a Beard Comb to give your whole face some love.

How To Use a Beard Brush

After applying beard oil and balms, use your beard brush to apply gentle strokes to your luscious beard in the direction you want to your beard hair. 

Is that Zeus in the mirror? Oh, wait – it’s you.

And we know it’s not the most fun thing on your weekend itinerary, but don’t forget to take care of your easy-to-clean Beard Brush. Our beards and skin are full of natural oils (like sebum), and while those are awesome, we don’t want them collecting on our beard brushes because of germs.

You’re Just Our Beard Type

Ready for your best beard yet? Join the club and get started with the best beard brush ever.

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Why Brush Your Beard?
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Does your beard need help?


Does your beard need help?
Does your beard need help?


Does your beard need help?